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It´s with great happiness  that we welcome you to our erotic world in  one of Europe’s most unique and luxurious Clubs.

You can get a free tour around the club every night at 19.30h (on all open nights).

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With the best wishes



Torben & Mie













As the only Swingerclub in Denmark we present to you this very special feature:

Enjoy the "Naughty Night Club", a fully equipped Discotheque with vibrating sound, fancy lighteffects and a sexy gogo dancepole.

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Thursday                           19.00 - 24.00
Mix night

Friday                                 19.00 - 03.00
Mix night
Max. 2 men per each woman

Saturday                            19.00 - 03.00
Max. 2 men per each woman
(call for more info)


Thursday                                19.00 - 00.00
Friday                                     19.00 - 03.00 Saturday                                19.00 - 03.00

1. Sunday of each month      16.00 - 22.00